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Dr Basu
Dr Basu, Experienced Specialist
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I am a26 year old women and have just been diagnosed

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I am a26 year old women and have just been diagnosed with Crohn's disease they
Are wanting to put me on steroids but I really don't like the sound of that because they make you put on weight and is there anything else that you could recommend instead
Hi there,
This is Dr Basu, Experienced Specialist.
I am here to address your concerns and provide great service.
Mesalamine is a good alternative.
This is not steroid, but derivative of salicylic acid.
THis is good for mild to moderate disease.
There are other options with more severe disease.
Azathioprine is another good option for more severe disease.
This is an immunosuppressant.
TNF blockers lke infliximab is the next option in the unlikely case, above meds do not work.
So there are several options besides steroid.
Best wishes,
It was my pleasure to help you today.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Please can you tell me will I have to take long term medication for this or do I just take the steroids as or when I have flare ups
If you start o Mesalamine daily, you will not have flare ups usaully over lnog time.
So you will not need to take steroids long term.
Best wishes
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