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About 4 months ago I banged the upper part of my right foot

Customer Question

About 4 months ago I banged the upper part of my right foot on metal stairs in high heeled shoes - it was painful at the time ( no external bruising at all) and shortly after that area became swollen and tender - I didn't seek medical attention and after a month or so the inflammation went down and all has been fine . About two months ago I noticed swelling in the lower part of the same foot and it was very tender ( no swelling ) I had an x - ray which revealed a broken toe - small break in the joint area where the toe attaches to the foot . I strapped the toe and most of the swelling went down - wore trainers and experienced a degree of discomfort - although really did need to wear trainers most of the time . Also just to mention i dont recollect how the toe became broken - no obvious reason.A month ago I went to a party and wore heels ( very high ) the next day top of foot was very swollen and I used cold packs etc to calm the swelling. The site of the break was very tender. Since that time been very careful what shoes etc I wear - swelling clearing up and tenderness around the break point much less - there always seems to be a small pad of swelling around the lower part of the foot - I tend to wear trainers most of the time. Yesterday I went to a wedding and wore stiletto heels ( not very high ) and when I got home top of foot was really swollen - put an ice pack on it and this morning swelling gone down but quite a 'firm' area of isolated swelling - larger then normal ! Can you advise ?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr.Amita replied 3 years ago.
Welcome to justanswer.

I amCustomerand I would be glad to assist you.

Can you give me some more information?

Do you have any deformity at the great toe especially where it joins the foot?
Did the x ray show any changes of arthritis like decreased joint space?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No - all the doctor identified was a very small break
Expert:  Dr.Amita replied 3 years ago.
Dear *****e

It is normal for some amount of swelling to persist around the area of injury in foot for few months.This is because the foot is farthest from the heart and blood circulation to foot is relatively poor compared to all other parts of the body.

Coming to your specific problem.Your great toe is responding poorly to hyper extension at meta tarso phalangeal joint ( the joint at base of great toe) which occurs whenever you wear heels whether high or low.This may occur as the break has not fully consolidated till now and on hyper extension of the joint excess stress is placed at the fracture site as hyper extension is an unnatural posture for the toe and swelling occurs in response to this stress.

The best way to treat the condition would be to avoid wearing any heels for few months at least till the break has fully consolidated .
For immediate relief continue icing the area and try to keep the foot elevated as far as possible.You may also use Advil for pain relief.

You may continue the conversation if you have any doubts.