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Just need to understand why my docs are so relaxed about an

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Just need to understand why my docs are so relaxed about an issue I thought was a big deal.
2 years ago
I had a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis and the results came back identifying" 2 x (6mm) well defined low attenuation foci in segment 4 in the liver , likely to be benign cysts " by the Consultant radiologist. I freaked out a little as I thought that I shouldn't have anything on my liver. The Urological Surgeon who originally sent me for the scan advised me that everything was normal and these cysts are a normal variant and regularly found in imaging on normal healthy adults. Due to my age 39 and the fact that I had no known malignancy and that my physical examination along with a complete blood panel including liver function, kidney function (GFR >90) and ESR were all normal there would be no need to do any follow ups and this could be put behind me and I could move on.
As im a bit of a hypochondriac I went for a second opinion with a well renowned Gasterentorologist and he again agreed with the Urological surgeon and said we can have a ultrasound done just to put your mind at rest. The report came back from the consultant radiologist saying liver is normal no evidence of cysts, liver is fine.I spoke to my GI and he said he initially wanted me to go to his specialist abdominal radiologist not a general radiologist although he was good he had refered me to the specialist radiologist that he uses for his patients.
I went to the specialist abdominal radiologist a few days later and he looked at my liver and said everything is normal and I dont have any heptic cysts, the full report came back liver (unremarkable). I thought this was a little strange as the CT report said I had the cysts..
Both the Urological surgeon and Gasterentorologist then sent letters to my GP stating no further follow ups required.My Gp agreed and said there is no cause for concern especially as I had a full medical including full blood panels which was all ok.
I have been advised to get on with my life and put this episode behind me , however im still left wondering if I did ever have liver cysts. I had the first CT scan in May 2013, the 1st Ultrasound in mid June 2013 and the second Ultrasound end of June 2013.
I lost my mum to cancer a couple of years ago and get really worried about getting this disease and therefore I go and have these tests with no real symptoms. I am based in the UK and have received this advice from well respected specialists who are considered leading specialist in my region but still worry.
Your doctors are correct. Simple liver cysts are very common, occurring in about 5% of adults in the US, and I would think the incidence in the UK is similar. The CT scan is more sensitive at detecting smaller cysts, so the presence on CT but not on ultrasound is not surprising nor worrisome.

At this point, there is no reason for you to be concerned or pursue further ealuation for these cysts.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

My Gp also advised that if I had something such as HCC which is what I was worrying about , I would most definitely be ill or at least showing strong symptoms by now as the diagnosis would have been in 2013.

Yes, this is generally true. We typically do not like to exclude cancer based on the absence of symptoms, so the imaging is more reassuring, but it is true that symptoms would typically be present.