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I had thyrotoxicosis, late diagnosis, had treatment then developed

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I had thyrotoxicosis, late diagnosis, had treatment then developed blurred double vision. Told I hsd TED for which I was treated with prednisolone,azothyaprine treatment followed by radiotherapy in ?stage 4. Not long after treatment whilst tyroid was blocked with thyroxine and carbimazole,as unstable, I fell in the rd and ever since g
Have had mobility problems and left sided gait. Also slight s problems right eye and deaf left ear! M.r.i. Head scan showed 4 lesions and I was told I had c.s.v.d. . I'm so depressed they won't tell me what's wrong apart from that I had an immune responses!. I,ve been discharged now . Can you tell me what the problem may be please?
This is Dr. David

TED for thyroid eye disease?

if you are still having double vision, you need to see an opthalmology eye surgeon to see if surgery on the swollen eye muscles behind your eyes can help your vision.

you might need to have your thyroid gland removed with surgery or high doses of I-131 to destroy your thyroid gland to help your proptosis of your eyes

sounds like your MRI scan showed Cerebral small vessel disease which are small problem blood vessels in the brain which can come from aging and small broken blood vessels in the brain.

if you have a history of smoking, or high blood pressure or diabetes or high cholesterol, these can cause small broken blood vessels in your brain

these broken blood vessels in the brain most likely are not associated with your thyroid issue

you need to see an endocrinologist to get more testing of your thyroid gland.

you have to make sure your TSH levels are between 0.3 and 3.0

and also get anti thyroid antibodies tested to see if they are elevated.

I had Graves hyperthyroidism and Graves proptosis of my eyes as well before I-131 treatment myself

let me know if you have questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Endocrinologist has discharged me back to my go. My tSH is 3.7 at present. bP fine. In letter to gp he stated that my left sided gait. And mobility problems were worsening. I have spasms Ann numbness in right leg after walking a 6 metres ,using walker at present. My gp says I don't have cvd but won't tell me what cerebral lesions are! Endocrinologist did mumble ,under his breadth,! I carried htclv,but did not write that in letter. I a Caucasian,and born in Jamaica in 54 as dad in army. My family are deceased now as I was youngest,aim afraid of ATLL.