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My son is recovering in hospital having been there a month.

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My son is recovering in hospital having been there a month. I believe his illness had been brought on through sheer poverty and neglect. he appears to have a personality disorder, and says dreadful things to me, accusing me, abusing me, being rude, disrespectful; and blaming me for every ill in his life - i.e. it is all my fault he is where he is today. He is 45 years old. He has now been threatening the hospital staff as well, and even a patient the other day, something is radically wrong.
This boy had a good upbringing, in a nice home, but did have a step father problem. He was brilliant in school, and a wonderful student. he got a scholarship to college, but socially he was a misfit - too young, and peer pressure got him taking drugs. He dropped out, and followed the Grateful dead around America. I believe he took drugs at that time - could this have fried his brain, and begun his slippery downward slope?
What do I do? he lives in England, I live in the USA. I am in UK now, leaving on Friday. I am terrified of going to see him again.
Thank you
Vivien prince
Hello from JustAnswer.

I am sorry that your son is having such difficulties.

Certainly, drug use can lead to a variety of psychologic symptoms, particularly if the drug use persisted over an extended period of time.

However, there is some additional information that would be helpful before having a complete discussion.
Is it correct to say that he had social difficulties before he started using drugs?
Was he having any other psychologic symptoms during that period of his life?
Do you know what formal diagnoses have been made?
Specifically, do you know whether he has been diagnosed with bipolar disease or any form of schizophrenia?
I had tried to get some additional information about his history and have not heard back.

As I said above, drug use certainly can lead to a variety of psychologic symptoms. However, if he was having significant social difficulties before he started using drugs, it is more likely that there is also some amount of psychologic condition that pre-dated the use of drugs.

I also specifically ask about his diagnoses because of the concern about the possibility of a personality disorder. These two conditions, though, can make the diagnosis of a personality disorder difficult.

As for what you should do, it would be appropriate for you to visit with the doctors or counsellors that are treating him at the hospital. It is important to note that they will usually not divulge any personal information, such as his diagnoses, without his consent. However, you can ask them what you can do that would be most helpful for him.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

He has been in hospital - he was crawling on the floor for 11 days, misdiagnosed, and finally when the paramedics took him in the ambulance, he was a day from death with such low sodium. He was in ICU for a week, Cat scan revealed abcesses in him, and he had a swollen leg, arms, bruises, he was a mess. They operated and were unable to drain surgically. They tried different antibiotics (all this was intravenous), as he could not sit stand or walk. he then had to have two blood transfusions because of anaemia and low haemaglobin. His knee burst out pus and blood and then as the swelling went down he could start moving. They think he also has rheumatoid arthritis. They

did a second operation and found a huge abscess inside his pelvic area which they drained, and then left a pump in it, to keep getting the

pus etc to drain. because of his behaviour they are trying to rush him out of the hospital, but I want to ask for him to have a psychiatric evaluation, and i need t know the right way to do this to make sure they do not send him "home" as I think he is a danger to himself. I am terrified of him. he has not touched drugs for more than 20 years. But he was having drinking binges, up to last October. he has been absolutely clean since, and there was no sign of any kind of drug or alcohol inhis room. He is physically ill. Pale, he looks at me with widened eyes, and yes, I too, am wondering whether there is a development of schizophrenia developing. As a child he had no behaviour problems at all, he was extremely, unusually good, excelling in school, and going to college young. he was a good tennis player, played piano etc. he had cancer of the testical in his twenties and that was


If he has been threatening hospital staff and other patients, it would be appropriate for you to request that he receive a Psychiatric assessment. You can meet with his primary doctor and relay the behavioural history as part of the request for this assessment. Again, the doctor will not be able to divulge any confidential information without his consent, but they can listen to your concerns and the history that you can provide, and if he has not been willing to share any of his past behavioural history, this can be very helpful to the doctors.
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