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Approx a year ago my right ankle swelled up after a few days

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approx a year ago my right ankle swelled up after a few days of moderate pain, i believe i hadn't twisted it etc , it lasted 3 months before the swelling went, first thing in the morning it was back to normal, by midday it started to swell, then by bedtime it was fully swollen like the day before, approx 2 months ago, this time my left ankle had some moderate pain , and i am now having the same problem, it has been swollen for 2 months
I have been tested for uric acid and it is 8.1 , slightly above , but i have very little , in fact almost no pain.
Any ideas ? as i have been on various anti inflammatory drugs, but they seem to make no difference.
This is Dr. David

the high uric acid could be a sign of uric acid crystals which can cause gout pain in joints like the ankle.

inflammation of ankle joint like from severe arthritis or tendonitis or synovitis inflammation of the synovial fluid capulse in the ankle can cause ankle swelling

in rare cases a small blood clot in the vein in your lower leg or ankle can cause swelling

you need to see a doctor and get an ultrasound or MRI scan and xray of your ankle to check for excessive fluid

you might need a biopsy of the joint space to check for uric acid crystals to confirm the diagnosis of gout inflammation

if it has been swollen for 2 months, you have to go see a doctor to get more testing to find out what is going on

you don't want to let this go and continue on with it swollen

let me know if you have questions
Dr. David and other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi David

Thanks for the answer, and just to clarify, i did have an MRI scan on my right ankle last year, which showed nothing apart from swelling mainly around my achilles tendon, they told me just to keep taking anti inflammatories, and it should get better, this is exactly the same as last year, just a different ankle , so would you say it was gout as my uric acid levels were high 12 months ago too , thanks


it could very well be gout

or it could be tendonitis inflammation of your tendon

to improve your tendonitis, it can take several months of resting the foot and elevating it and icing or using heating pads on the foot and ankle

you can also try avoiding so much protein and animal proteins and fats and alcohol in your diet to try to lower your uric acid levels and see if that helps as well.

you shoud avoid going barefoot which can worsen your tendonitis

try to wear supportive shoes, even while indoors, have a pair of shoes for inside of the house to help protect your feet if you can

see if that helps

let me know if you have other questions.

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