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Six years I have had a slit lip right in the middle

Customer Question

For about six years I have had a slit lip right in the middle of my cupids bow top lip & in the last two years I have been to a Maxillo Facial dept. I have explained that it limits me eating certain foods (Acidic foods & fruit) I try not to stretch my lip. It is difficult cleaning my teeth even eating foods in fact sandwhiches I have to break bits off to eat. The first time I had my lip done they found infection in the skin sothey cut the little piece out & stitched it up & I was so pleased everyone noticed I could eat what I wanted with salt, vinegar sauces fruit etc. Then it split again last month they done it again for me I did ask if I could have skin put over it but they said there is no skin on your body that would match. Now it's split again I am so unhappy about it I have been keeping stip of plaster over it through the night to see if it will heal I have to go back to the hosptal Tuesday 9th june I am dreding they are going to say there is no more they can do. Is there anything you can suggest? I have to go to the dentist june 23rd I am dredding that as they will have to stretch my mouth to do work I haven't been to dentist for 2 years I have cancelled a few times Please can you help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David
I don't think slip of plaster over the slit in your top lip will help it heal
using Manuka Honey on the area or vitamin E oil on the area could help it heal
increasing your protein and natural vitamin C in take can help it heal.
your body heals at night time and so if you are not getting proper sleep at night time, you might not be healing properly.
having deficiency of B12 or vitamin C or D can cause cracks in your lips and mouth area which can be slow to heal.
you need to see your doctor to get these levels checked in your body to see if they are low
and to get your thyroid hormone levels checked. abnormal thyroid hormone levels can affect your sleep and cause problems with healing.
a skin graft can be used in the lip to help with healing, but usually your body should be able to generate new epithelial cells from granulating tissue to heal the slit in your lip.
I know it can be hard to eat certain foods such as fruits and juices, but you might need to get more natural vitamin C into your system to help the area heal up as your body needs vitamin C and protein to make keratin protein and collagen to heal your skin and lip
let me know if you have questions.