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An abccess formed in my mouth. the dentist has cleared it away

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an abccess formed in my mouth. the dentist has cleared it away and prescribed antibiotics
I must see the hygienist now, she said my teeth are too close together, pressing.
an xray showed a piece of bone in the jaw missing, not a lot but worrying. why would there be bone loss?

Hi. Your age please and do you have any other medical conditions or take any other medications?

Can you tell me more about what the x-ray showed? In other words was this a hole in the bone and how large was it?

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

it sounded more like a piece missing under the abcess

OK. It sounds like a case of osteomyelitis--infection from the abscess that got into the bone and caused the defect in the jaw bone. While the clearing of the abscess and the antibiotics may be all that's needed here, you really should see your GP about this and get an MRI of the jaw to see if the bone infection is cleared since, if it isn't, you'll need other antibiotics for a long course to clear things up