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Fingers in my hand which was the subject of surgery following

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Fingers in my hand which was the subject of surgery following road accident and both bones in wrist broken therefore have metal inserted - suffering from momentary loss of sensation and clear tingling and jerking in hand. Surgery 5 yrs. ago. current age 67. no other sensation just fluttering and VERY momentary loss of use. However, the momentary jerk has been noticed by others. ie when holding a cup/glass/cutlery etc. I do have some disfiguration in fingers - I assume arthritis following broken bones etc. and some occasional loss of sensation. does this need further investigation. It is more an inconvenience rather than a major problem but clearly I do not wish to have any further problems with my hand as right hand and yes, right handed. occasional limited use and loss of strength but generally do everything as normal ie driving and all normal life demands.

Hi. We can continue after this if you'd like

Most likely this is a problem with either your median nerve or your ulnar nerve in your wrist or your elbow, or both. Either or both nerves may have some compression problems.

I'd suggest you have your doctor evaluate this and I would get nerve conduction studies of that arm and either an MRI or a ct scan of the elbow and wrist

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Is this likely to get worse or cause any use impairment and is it necessarily related to age ?? I have tried so hard since the accident and surgery to keep the arm/wrist and fingers mobile although slightly bent /swollen knuckles/ and some occasional aching.

Not really related to age and it could very well get worse in time.

If it in a compression problem seeing a physiatrist--a physical medicine and rehabilitation MD specialist (sometimes called a Sports Medicine doctor)--for hands on therapy could well relieve the problem Wendy