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I had a ilea-anal pouch a number of years ago, and one thing

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I had a ilea-anal pouch a number of years ago, and one thing I have wondered if whether due to the fact I don't have a colon, if this impacts the absorption of tablets? I just have a feeling that some pills have little or no effect on me, and I am wondering if this has something to do with it. Also, if this is the case, any recommendations on what I can do to improve absorption?

Hi. We can continue after this but no, not having a colon would not impact the absorption of tablets.

That said, it's possible that you don't have enough acid production in your stomach. Some medications like PPI's--Nexium, for example--cause that but if you aren't on a medication like that you should have a gastric pH study. If that's the problem it could be from a vitamin B12 deficiency or a lack of sufficient pancreatic digestive enzymes, and in those cases, B12 injections or oral pancreatic enzymes would treat that

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am not on medication like that, my reason for asking is that because I am on Effexor for Depression, and the tables were not effective until I reached a dose of 375mg. I am also on the XR version of the tablets, and I was always curious if XR and absorption was impacted by my lack of colon. Would taking B12 or Digestive enzymes help improve absorption even without knowing my pH?

Even so your lack of colon would not impact the XR absorption--that is all done in the stomach and the small bowel. Yes you could try the B!2 supplements and the digestive enzymes for now to see if that helps
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