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My husband has a german shepard dog and since last Christmas

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Hello,my husband has a german shepard dog and since last Christmas when we moved in town and we live in a flat the dog lives with us,I experiance a lot of head aches as strong head aches because of the smell he has I can not suffer,and this causes some chest brethlless,my husband loves his dog but I suffer a lot,I want to know what desises he can give us as the children have asthma and skin conditions
thank you
Dear customer,

Do you want to know about the diseases that may be transmitted by having a pet dog?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

yes please how this dog is afeting our health

Dear customer,

Thanks for your reply.

A dog can have a positive and also a negative effect on an owner's health.

The negative aspect is that one may rarely pick up illnesses from the dog. Some of the infections are intestinal worms and ringworm. However as I said that this is very rare, and teaching children to wash their hands after handling animals, or after playing on ground where animals have been reduces the chance of an infection.

Regarding dogs and asthma, if there is an allergy to dogs it can increase the asthma. However if there is no allergy then according to recent studies being born into a family with a dog may reduce a child’s likelihood of suffering from asthma.

Grooming the dog daily outside the house, and bathing it once or twice a week will reduce the negative consequences of having a dog.

On the positive side it has been shown that dog owners have a reduced risk of heart disease and seem less prone to other illnesses, and on an average they visit the doctor less. Stroking dogs helps in reducing relaxation and stress, and dogs help children to learn caring and nurturing skills.

Take care.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

so it is possible myself to have dog allergy as I am not feeling well at all,don't get me wrong I love all animals but not to live with them,this dog is so well behaved but he has a smell and that makes me feel so sick and bad head aches and I have difficulties with breathing because of that.

My question here is if I am allergic to dogs is anything I can do please?

and thank you very much

Dear customer,

Thanks for your reply.

You can do many things and take many steps which will decrease the allergy. Please read the below article from Mayo to know more:

Take care.
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