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My mother has just had a blood test result showing high platlets

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My mother has just had a blood test result showing high platlets approx 500. She was on holiday overseas and 4 days before returning her ankles started to swell.
She has told me this morning she feels a bit sick and generally not 100%. I have noticed her hands are slightly numb when she tries to pick things up.
Can you tell me how I can help ease the swelling in her ankles?
What could possibly be causing this?
Hello from JustAnswer.

There are many possible causes of swelling, although the most common is from heart dysfunction. Liver and kidney dysfunction also can cause swelling, as can thyroid disease.

An exacerbation of swelling while travelling is commonly due to a change in diet, as people tend to eat differently while on holiday, including an increase in salt/sodium intake. The body handles sodium and water together, so an increase in sodium intake can exacerbate swelling from any of the common causes of swelling.

In addition, travelling may involve long periods of sitting, such as during long flights or car trips, and this can also contribute to swelling.

So, it may help if she would restrict sodium intake. The amount of sodium that comes naturally in food is fine, but there should be no added sodium in the processing or cooking of the food or at the table. Trying to be more active will usually also help diminish swelling in the extremities, as the muscle activity will help squeeze the veins in the extremities.

As fr the platelets, this is a mild elevation, as the normal range is up to 450. A mild transient elevation in platelets can be related to fluid shifts. It also can be a non-specific response to inflammation. There also can be a variety of bone marrow conditions that can affect platelet counts, but I would usually not be concerned about a mild increase in platelets unless it is persistent.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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