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I am currently experiencing 2-4 collapses every day. ( now

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I am currently experiencing 2-4 collapses every day. ( now being called events or seizures ) This has gone on for over 4 weeks.
I have been taken to A&E three times in less than a fortnight. I have been admitted to the hospital for two nights,.
The following test have been done and all come back negative:-
chest X ray, CT scan of my head, 24 hours heart monitor. echo cardiograph.
This is reassuring BUT each time I fall I am in danger of serious injury.
Another test has been ordered.... a tilt table test. This was ordered on May 18/19th. i.e. 26 days ago. In the meantime I have had over 50 seizures or events. This is very frightening.
My request is for advice.
a. How can I help someone in the NHS to recognise the danger that I am in?
b. How can I convince someone that this test is now becoming urgent?
c. If it show up nothing important where do I go from here?
I would be grateful for any guidance.
Many thanks.
Hi there,
This is Dr Basu, Experienced Specialist.
I am here to address your concerns and provide great service.
This is very frustrating to you I can understand.
Tilt table test is not going to change your management significantly even if it comes bck positive.
The treatment can be started even before the test.
Tilt table test looks for any nerve system abnormality which does not let your body understand any position change right away.
However, given the history of sudden collapse, you may be having seizure disorder.
This is checke with a different test called EEG.
EEG can be ordered by a neurologist.
EEG can be repeated also if first time nothing shows up.
EEG should be done with sleep deprived state.
Seizures are treated ith anti epileptic medications.
Levatiracetam ( keppra) is commonly used to treat adult onset seizures.
You should see a neurologist first.
There is no need to wait for tilt table test.
Thank you for sharing your concerns with us today. If you have any additional questions or need further clarifications, please do not hesitate to ask. I am here to answer them. I wish you good health. Regards, ***** *****
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