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Few years now I have suffered with a closing up of

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Hi, for a few years now I have suffered with a closing up of the throat restricting breathing and making me gag/almost throw up. This only happens during extended exercise whilst running - usually after a while of running up a hill or at the top. It occurs when breathing in rather than out and doesn't appear to have any of the obvious asthma symptoms. A bit of internet research on running and other sport related sites suggests 'Vocal Cord Disfunction' or 'Exercise Induced Laryngeal Obstruction'. Does this sound likely and how should I go about getting a quick diagnosis and eventual treatment. It all sounds quite obscure and not something all doctors are likely to pick up on easily. Where would one ask to get referred to for specialist diagnosis / treatment - preferably near SE London? Any advice much appreciated.
Hi there,
This is Dr Basu, Experienced Specialist.
I am here to address your concerns and provide great service.
There is an entity called PVFM or paradoxical vocal fold movement.
This can occur with exercises.
The diagnosis is challenging.
There are tests to confirm that.
First, pulmonary function test should be performed.
Methacoline challenge test should be done.
THis is an irritant inhalation --often precipitates the condition causing change in volume loop curves.
We also suggest combining with laryngoscopy after exercise or methacholine challenge test.
You should consult with a ENT or otolaryngologist to arrange for these tests.
Thank you for sharing your concerns with us today. If you have any additional questions or need further clarifications, please do not hesitate to ask. I am here to answer them. I wish you good health. Regards, ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Is PVFM just a US name for VCD / EILO or something different? Sorry, I was given the impression by the website that I was about to get info from a UK based doctor and my questions were therefore also about where I could get help given that with the NHS here it can be a slow process of visit GP and then get referral to a specialist hospital.



This is the same issue.
The process of referral is same every where :)
yes you need to go to your GP first who can order the PFTs by the way.
Otherwise, you can go private without the need for GP referrals but cost you money.
The treatment is simple with albuterol inhaler before starting exercise.
So the treatment can be started even before the tests.
Best wishes,
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