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My daughter (18) is due to have a dental implant (we are

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My daughter (18) is due to have a dental implant (we are having to pay privately which is costing me half of my whole annual wage) she has a real phobia/fear of needles and so I asked about sedation. The receptionist said that this was no problem but they hadn't factored it in the costs and it would be another £185. I agreed and said this was fine. On the day unfortunately no sedation had been set up in the surgery room. When I asked about this the surgeon said that we weren't down for any so I told him I had rang and spoken to someone at the surgery and told him what they said. My daughter unfortunately got upset at this point and although he was trying to persuade her to just have it done and she wouldn't feel anything, it didn't go well. He referred to her small tattoo laughed and said it would hurt much less than that and so how could she be afraid. My daughter at this point was extremely anxious and said she just wanted to go home and felt that she was being patronised. The surgeon seemed annoyed and kept looking at his watch. The assisting nurse was lovely and suggested that the dentist/owner came in and he could give her some gas and air beforehand. He came in and wad so lovely towards my daughter, he calmed her and she sat in the chair. The surgeon at this point said he had no time to do the procedure now, which I got the impression was a surprise to the dentist too. The surgeons left, the dentist tried out the gas and air on my daughter and then we went to reception. We are rebooted to attend again in two weeks. I think my daughter would like to forget the whole experience but of course she has signed all the paperwork and does need to have this done. I do feel that the surgeon wasn't very sympathetic or caring,(though I haven't said this to my daughter) she seemed to be just another set of teeth, and was in a rush.we both know however that it needs to be done but am a lot more worried myself because I know that she will feel uncomfortable with him and has probably lost trust and confidence in I don't know what to do?
This is Dr. David

I am sorry your daughter had this bad experience

it does sound like this oral surgeon has bad bedside manners

I would have been better if you could have met him before the surgery procedure date.

some surgeons can be like the this, good at what they do, but have poor interpersonal and patient interactions.

that doesn't really help with your daughter who is so anxious

she does need the dental procedure performed.

hopefully in 2 weeks, everything will go better then

and they will be prepared for her to get some gas and air before hand to help sedate her and relax her for the procedure

let me know if you have other questions.
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