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I need help. I think my son is autistic, but no one believes

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Hello I need help. I think my son is autistic, but no one believes me because I work with autistic children and also because he makes eye contact and plays with friends. He's 4 years old and I feel it since he was 2 years old. What can I do?
Hi. What exactly makes you think he's autistic? And who is it exactly that doesn't believe you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Well his senses he is behind for is age according to the speech therapist. He doesn't understand most of what is going around him. He expresses himself in a different way like: rainbow bagel, beads krisps or feather krisps, everything is described with a shape. Also, his senses. Especially sounds and smells.
At nursery I keep telling that he has something but they don't agree because he makes eye contact and plays with friends. But when he's told to draw a green dinosaur that is in front of him, he draws the skeleton...
He repeats what I say, when he doesn't understand. No sense of danger and when goes to crowded places behaves very agitated and runs away. During the night he's sleeping but is very agitated especially if he's over é stimulated during the day. Has lots of energy, never stops. He likes to line up cars, blocks, animals... But he has a very good memory of places, cars, people but no notion of time...

That definitely sounds like Asperger's Vera and he sounds like he's on the high functioning scale for that. I don't see any reason to call him autistic from what you've said.

You need to have him evaluated by either a child psychologist or a child psychiatrist

Let me know if you need any more information please

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