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Is it possible that a low dose stesolid could be used as a

Customer Question

is it possible that a low dose stesolid could be used as a phrolaxis for epileptic fits?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David
low dose steroids have long term potential side effects such as weight gain, inflammation of the stomach, suppressed immune system, opportunistic infections such as fungal infections, poor sleep, suppression of your body's making of steroids and pituitary and adrenal axis.
stopping steroids suddenly is also not a good idea. if you have been on them for a long time, your steroid dose needs to be slowly tapered off
if you have a mass in your brain causing epilepsy or seizures, steroids could help decrease swelling in your brain. you need a brain MRI or CT scan to check for a mass in the brain.
also you need an EEG and neurology consultation to check for seizure activity. I'm not sure what you mean by epileptic fits. are these seizures?
also you need to get your AM blood cortisol levels checked and ACTH levels checked which is the hormone your pituitary makes to control your adrenal glands to make your body's own steroids
if your are deficient in your body making steroids, you might need to be taking low dose steroids to help supplement your body's steroid levels. this is called Addison's disease where your adrenal gland doesn't make enough steroids from your adrenal gland and you have to take a low dose steroid to help get your steroid levels correct
have you ever been checked for addison's disease?