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Dr. David
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I have acid reflux, sour taste in throat, nausea and lot of

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I have acid reflux, sour taste in throat, nausea and lot of belching. Recently I've lost some weight (people are commenting) and lymph nodes are hurting. Additionally lots of stomach noises that I notice more at night.
This is Dr. David

sounds like you are having bad stomach gastritis inflammation from excessive stomach acid production. this can be serious and can cause nausea and cause you to eat less and cause weight loss

tender lymph nodes can be from a viral infection like mononucleosis or other viral infections.

you need to see your GP doctor to get treatment for your stomach with acid blockers like omeprazole or nexium or protonix.

you have to avoid alcohol and spicy foods and tomato sauces and other foods which worsen stomach acid.

you need testing to check for H Pylori bacteria which could be living in your stomach as well

do you have a GP doctor you can see who can run some tests for you and prescribe you some acid blocking medications?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Dr did a h pylori test that came back negative. I don't know why the dr tested for b12 but that was normal too

I haveas just given omeprazole too. 10mg I think

Are there any other tests that I would need, Do i need to be scoped?

with bad inflammation of your stomach, you can sometimes have difficulty absorbing B12 vitamin. but that doesn't seem to be the case for you.

omeprazole should be at least 20mg (over the counter strengthen or 40mg prescription dose)

if your symptoms don't get better, you might need to be scoped

if you are passing black tar like stools, you need to be scoped.

you can also use Maalox and Mylanta and zantac to help decrease your stomach acid symptoms as well

let me know if you have other questions.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

If I don't have h pylori - is it still possible to get gastric C?

gastric cancer is very very rare in the UK and in the USA.

it is more common in China and Japan because of diet issues

there is a super small chance to develop gastric cancer without H Pylori, but it is very unlikely
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