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Dr Uzair
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My name is***** am 32 years old. I am really worried

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Hello, my name is***** am 32 years old. I am really worried about my health. For the last 2 months I am getting kidney infections twice and my JP gave me antibiotics twice. I have chest pain, sometimes difficulties breathing. Last month I was getting very bad pain every morning around 7am in my upper body. That happened 3 days in a row. My period was just after finishing so I thought may be that's why I had pain even though the pain was very unusual. 3 days ago I woke at 7:40 in the morning with terrible pain in my upper body and especially kidneys area. The pain was so bad that my body was shaking because of it. I couldn't move or walk so I called ambulance. After checking my belly the doctor noticed red sports on the skin. In the emergency department I had blood test, scan on kidneys, x-Ray and urine test. The doctor said all results are good and there is nothing wrong with me. They think the pain is maybe coming from my stomach because lately I was taking lots of antibiotics and they prescribed me only pain killers. Basically they don't know what is it. I am still getting lots of pain in my upper body, I don't really have appetite, I feel unable to move and walk because of the spasm pain I am having, I am dizzy and I feel like I am going to get sick. I really need advice please. I don't feel normal at all. Thank you!
Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.
By upper body what exactly do you mean?
The chest, abdomen, arms, shoulders, flanks? Please specify?
Is the pain only on one side?
Is the pain sharp and stinging or dull aching?
Do you still have a rash (red spots) on the abdomen?
Do you have difficulty, burning in urination? Any bowel changes?
Let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

By upper body I mean chest, ulster area, kidney area, the pain is on both sides of the body and the front body. Right now the pain is under my chest and every movement gives me stings. I have pain on all other places specified above. I took pain killers but didn't help much. The pain is mostly sting pain but I also have permanent pain all the time which is becoming sting pain from time to time. I didn't see any red spots on my skin since I came back from hospital. I have burning when urinating. It's not a strong burn but I still feel it.

Thanks for the query.
Such a generalized upper body pain is mostly seen in a radiculopathy which means that the nerves supplying the upper body are being compressed in the dorsal spine area. Since, the pain is stinging and intense, it is very likely that this is due to neuropathy - nerve compression.
Another thing that goes against this being muscular pain or visceral pain is that the pain is not relieved on pain medication.
I would suggest that you have an x ray of the dorsal spine. A neurological examination and ask your doctor to start you on nerve stabilizing agents like gabapentin or Pregabalin which have a phenomenal effect on neuropathic pain.
I would also suggest massaging the upper body thrice or four times a day with Ibuprofen liquigel.
Further testing may require nerve conduction studies and electromyogram as well.
Hope this helps.
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Let me know if you have more queries about this.
Best wishes.
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