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Dr. Phil, MD
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Sleep apnea? I wake up a 50+ times a night when my soft

Sleep apnea?

I... Show More

Sleep apnea?

I wake up a 50+ times a night when my soft palate feels like it has just shut my airway. It clears quickly after waking up. I have to frequently urinate during the night, and when I wake up in the morning my chest muscles hurt, and my heart is thumping. I also have a very sore throat. This has been going on for some months.

My girlfriend says sometimes when I am sleeping, she hears a "clunk" from the back of my throat, followed by a strange groaning/straining noise, then I wake up.

I was previously told by a family physician that I have an 'unusually large soft palate'.

I bought a pulse oximiter which I wore for a couple nights. Here are the results for 18 and 20th June:

(Click the download button in top right hand corner to see high res image)

To be honest, it was a cheap pulse oximiter, so it may not be THAT accurate. I realize I would need a "proper" assessment to get a confirmed diagnosis, but they are very expensive, so I wanted your advice before I bit the bullet and paid for a sleep study.

My details: 31yr old male, slim, no other health problems, don't smoke, rarely drink and not on any drugs.

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Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.
yes, I think you absolutely have sleep apnea.
You need a formal sleep study. No doubt about it
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.


Did the pulse oximetry results in my previous message support the likelihood of me having sleep apnea?

Hard to say for sure given it may or may not be accurate
I noticed you rated negative.
I'm sorry I didn't help you fully
can I help further?