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I have to wear compression stockings venous insufficiency

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I have to wear compression stockings for chronic venous insufficiency due to DVT in left calf and superficial vein clot damage in right leg. DVT was 15 years ago. I'm 64, still working as a teacher, and quite active, cycling and walking especially from spring to winter. I understand the reasons for stockings and see the value of them. However I like to travel to a warmer climate for two/three weeks during the summer to walk and cycle - an active holiday but the compression stockings are a nuisance during that time and my compliance is inconsistent. My consultant continues to emphasise the need to wear them even when exercising. I'm also aware that another opinion suggests that when walking/exercising the the activity of the calf muscles help with the pumping of blood back to the heart. I also know that medics are slow to say it could be ok not to wear stockings during exercise because of fear of litigation. So my question is this, would it be ok as a compromise to wear a compression anklet or does that just transfer the problem to the upper calf? This compression stocking experience is generally positive but is there anything you can say about exercise and compression?
This is Dr. David

you could try to wear a compression anklet and see if that helps bring fluid out of your lower leg

the idea of compression stocking is to help push fluid out of your leg to minimize problems with swelling and lymphedema.

if you are exercising regularly and have minimimal swelling and edema, you might try going every other day or every third day with the compression stockings and see how much swelling and edema you get your legs.

there are also exercise tights and thinner compressing stockings like spandex and stretch pants you can try to wear which might be more comfortable and could also do the same thing for you

let me know if you have questions.
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