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My son is 31 yrs old, single and is known case of sickle thal

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My son is 31 yrs old, single and is known case of sickle thal and G6pd residing in Oman. Before splenectomy in 1997 he used to get frequent attacks of severe pains, he was slow in growing and not gaining height. He was given blood transfusion more often because of his low heamoglobin After splenectomy, the attack became very less in frequency in intensity, his heamoglobin raised to 13g/dl, there were no more blood transfusion, gain wait an height.
On 12/05/20132 he was admitted at university hospital with a history of fever for 20 days on and off, rt. side chest pain while breathing and cough. While he was in hospital, he was treated with antibiotic, pain killer, cough syrup an they exchanged blood (removing and replacing) after discharged his platelets shot up to 804(10^9/l) but now is down to 234 (10^9/l) his ferritin (ARC) shot up to 1400.97ng/ml according to blood result dated 24/08/2014 and before admission it was 117.46 ng/ml on 14/03/2011 from Muscat private hospital. I could not find any ferritin blood test request from from university hospital pre or post admission. He is on tab. Folic acid and aspirin.
My question are:
What do you think triggered this ferritin count to 1400 ng/ml.?
Is phlebotomy recommended with Hb. of 10.5 g/dl ? Normal Hb range in my country is between 11.5 to 15.5 g/dl.
Is it ok to continue with folic acid and aspirin ?
What other advice and recommendation you can give to my son.
HelloExcessive blood transfussionAnd inflammationThese cause a rise in ferritin. You need to talk to a hematologist to discuss treatment.If his iron levels are OK, phlebotomy would not be indicated. Folate and ASA are OK. He must reduce stress and triggers at this point. OK, so that is an initial answer….Please use reply to expert if you have further questions. When you are ready, please click a positive rating [hopefully excellent]. If you forgot something, come back. I am here daily.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry you did not answer my questions which were :
1. What triggered ferritin to raise to 1400 ng/ml ?
2. Is phlebotomy recommended to a patient with Hb count of 10.5 g/dl ?
3. Can he continue to take folic acid and aspirin when high ferritin count is 1400 ng/ml ?
4. I paid for detail detail answer but what I got is very short and all wrong
1. Any inflammatory process can do this. WE can not diagnose on the site.
2. No, High iron AND Ferritin would indicate phlebotomy if the diagnosis were hemochromatosis.
3. Yes.
I see nothing incorrect in my answer.
The detail comes from a back and forth format.
So, if you have further questions let me know.
Please click a positive rating.d
Come back as needed.
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