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Dr. David
Dr. David, Board Certified MD
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Dear Dr. David I had radiotherapy weeks.

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Dear Dr. David
I had radiotherapy for prostate for seven weeks. My rectal bleeding has stopped three months
ago but my abdomen is still swollen and especially the area under my abdomen surrounding my
penis and my testicles the swelling is so bad that I can not wear trousers and my penis
is not visible anymore and I can not perform any sexuall intercourse. My testosterone level is low
and doctor told me that my testosterone should increase to lose
the abdomen weight and also told me is not safe to have medication to increase my testosterone
as my prostate cancer may return. As I can nor wear trousers due to swelling or
walk what you suggest I should do to get rid of swelling not only
in abdomen but also area under my abdomen and surrounding my
genitals. Thanking you. Ghaume
This is Dr. David

I see.

there is controversy over if you are given testosterone that you will get return of your prostate cancer.

if your testosterone levels are low, you need testosterone supplementation to get your testosterone into normal range.

your prior radiation and hormone therapy should have killed your prostate cancer completely

Harvard doctors dont' think that supplemental testosterone therapy will increase your risks of prostate cancer recurrence.

bring this article to your doctors.

"In all these reports, not a single man out of the 38 treated with testosterone developed a cancer recurrence."

you need your testosterone and LH and FSH levels checked to see why your testosterone levels are low.

getting your testosterone levels up could help fight the estrogen in your body and help you build muscle and help decrease swelling and edema in the pelvis area.

medications like aromatase inhibitors used with testosterone can prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen as well.

let me know if you have questions
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