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I have been very sick four months I use to live in

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I have been very sick for over four months I use to live in costa rica been ten years now i have seen several drs no help i have lesions on my face and I have seen clear worms come out of them when I put like a steroid cream on them I know from all the research Ive done trying to figure out what is wrong that it is strongyloides infection even though I took ivermectin that does not kill the adults I dont know how to make a dr listen to me and help me I think my youngest son has them also and he has downs and is not verbal which makes things even harder but has had a rash aroung groin area for four months and itchey face and head with white specs in hair please help me get someone to listen I feel one in my head and my eye.
Hello from JustAnswer.
It will help if you could provide some additional information.
What specialists have you seen for this condition?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I saw a contagious disease specialist but he did not even really check me I had gone to the er at the hospital where he affiliated and they treated me very badly as though i was crazy and my mom promised them a law suit so I dont think he was wanting to help me he said morgellons and it is not that I went back to pscy that I see for ptsd he also a md and knows all about my illness and the duration he told me I have to find another dr that I have a worm but he doesnt know what it is and he would back me that Im not delusional this has been a terrible experience I also saw a dermotologist and she saw the worms in face and told me that she had only seen two cases from guatemala but she could not help me I need a specialist. I have medicaide cant get in to see the only other one that takes it for three weeks and I am coughing up stuff that looks like larva I can attach some pictures of my face if you want I know it sounds wierd but that doesnt mean that its not real I lived in costa rica for 15years and been back nine but this type of worm can live in you for years I have also been to dr many times for stomach problems and constant diarea i have a video but i cant upload it???

Thank you for the additional information.

If you have already seen an Infectious Disease expert, then the next consideration to find a doctor that will listen to you and take this seriously would be to see a specialist in tropical medicine.

Could you tell me where you are located, so that I can look to try to find one near you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am in tulsa Oklahoma I dont think there is one but if you can help me bless you this has been a night mare for me and my family I have a appt with OU internal medicine that my psych dr recommended he thought they might listen but maybe you can tell what to say to get them to listen dont know if this means anything but before i took the valmectrim I could see and pick out little white worms out of my feet after shower but not there anymore but have a lot swelling and joints very stiff

Can someone please tell me am I even on the right track please I am desperate to get well.

Actually, it is at a University Hospital at which a specialist in tropical medicine may be most often found.

At OU, there is an Infectious Disease specialist that has an area of expertise in tropical diseases - Nelson Agudelo, MD. He apparently completed medical school in Honduras and his residency and fellowship training at OU. The phone number for his office is(###) ###-####
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

that is in norman but thanks for the number and I cant get an appt with him without a referral from primary care so I have to convince the new dr thurs that I need it and hope that dr agudelo take medicaide Im a full time student getting my degree in social work. Do you think Im on the right track could it be strongyloides infection

It certainly is appropriate to pursue the evaluation for Strongyloides. A diagnosis cannot be made based solely on the history and the appearance on the attached image, but further evaluation in this direction is appropriate.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

can you just tell me please do you believe that I have something wrong

Yes, it certainly appears that there is something wrong, but a specific diagnosis cannot be made based solely on this information.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I appreciate what time you did spend on my question and my rating does not reflect on you but more on the fact that you can not give me anything more concrete to go with or any type of suggestions that I could say to the new dr that might help me get help this is obviously something they are not familar with but is something and they should not put it off on that Im crazy or delusional pictures and videos dont lie and they and this what ever it is are pushing me to not want to go on this is no way to live and I cant understand why no one will help me

I addressed the question that you originally posted.
Dr. D. Love and 2 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am still unable to get help from dr here in Oklahoma the only help I was able to get was from a friend in Costa Rica where i use live showed a dr there my info and he advised I had stronglydiasis and that I could treat it with cattle wormer which I have started doing but may lose my hair. Will you please tell my why no one wants to help is there something I am not missing I just want to know why please.

The only reason that I can think of is that Strongyloides is not commonly seen in the US, which is why I tried to find a doctor with greater interest in tropical medicine.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I sent him my pics and the blood tests that had been done and his sec called me back said he could not help me

It sounds like he thinks that it is not Strongyloides if he said that there would be no benefit to seeing him.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Its me again and I was informed last night that I have Leishmaniasis do you have any idea why drs here would not want to help me with this please tell me I will not disclose information

Only that Leishmaniasis is also a largely tropical and sub-tropical infection, so is not seen as much in the US.