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Male UK 34 Health ok, not the best functioning immune system

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Male UK
Health ok, not the best functioning immune system at times
6 days ago on a trip to Spain - Majorca. On the wednesday evening I started getting very mild tummy cramps, feeling a little cold and needing to rest when we were walking to get dinner. By Wednesday night walking home I felt a bit cold, shivery and it was still 22 degrees. By Thursday 3am I woke with more tummy cramps, not severe but enough to wake me. I had one bout of explosive diarrhea, then another 2 hours later. I slowly started to feel terrible and by 9am my body was aching especially my lower back and temperature was 38.5. I also was shiver with mega sore headache. I kept staying as hydrated as I could with water and rehydration drinks. I only had one more episode of diarrhea that day.
The hotel doctor came to see me and said I had a viral infection and to stay hydrated. It should be over in 3 days. The next morning my temperature was down to 37.8 and body aches were still there especially lower back. By Thursday evening my temp was down to 37.5 and body aches improved slightly.
Friday morning I felt ok so I had three bits of toast and a banana and WOW things went downhill. The tummy cramps were pretty bad and the diarreah awful. Water just going right through me. Sunday we were flying home and I still had cramps and diarreah and pulsating abdominal. During this whole process I took paracetamol and buscapan. It is now Tuesday and although the cramps have improved slightly I still have explosive diarreah. Over the last two days I have had small bit of toast, four spoonfuls of pasta, carrot juice and tea. As soon as I go to the toilet with Diarreah my cramps hurt for around 20 minutes then ease off. I went to see the doctor yesterday who said sounds like food poisoning so I have provided stool sample and just waiting on results. Doc said to drink water and not to eat but I have lost too much weight already.
Any idea what the this could be? I have now lost 10 pounds in weight and for male 5.9 that weights 11 stone 4 this is not good. I cant eat anything without it going through me. Its been 6 days, will be 7 days tomorrow.
Dear customer,

You are having severe diarrhea, and you need to go to the ER where a doctor will check you for signs of dehydration and shock such as increased heart rate, low blood pressure, and cool, pale, clammy skin. You may need an intravenous line for fluid replacement, as well as management in the hospital where your electrolyte levels will be checked and treated if required.

Regarding what this might be, I feel that this looks more due to a bacterial infection and may need antibiotics along with fluid replacement.

Take care.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

my blood pressure normal, heart rate normal 66. I have no fever now, no body ache just tummy cramps and diarrhea. I am urinating as normal.

Dear customer,

Thanks for your reply.

Then you can monitor yourself at home and take adequate fluids. However still I feel that this is due to a bacterial or protozoal infection. The stool examination will be helpful and with the correct treatment your present symptoms will improve.

Take care.
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