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I have had lower back ache on and off but it has

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I have had lower back ache on and off for years but it has got more noticeable in the last 12 months, and now it is radiating along my left leg. ( it still come sand goes ) I suffer from health anxiety, am I right in thinking that if it was secondary bone cancer that started in the bladder it would have progressed by now ? A year ago I had a KBU scan for microscopic blood in my urine which showed nothing worrying, if they had missed a bladder cancer and it had spread to my bones I am right in assuming that by now I would be properly ill, loosing weight etc ? Apart from back ache I am healthy slim and fit. Please can you reassure me. Thank you ( I do not want to have lots of tests as it makes my anxiety worse, so just some a risk assessment would be most helpful - Thank you )

I am Dr.Amita and I would be helping you today.

This is the initial answer and you can ask for clarification after this.

Radiating pain down a leg is most commonly from a nerve getting compressed due to a disc prolapse or from a bony spur in lower back.

Secondaries or bony metastasis usually present with acute back pain which is usually more at night .They do not present with chronic back pain persisting over years.By itself back pain is one of the commonest ailments in almost everybody tends to get some time or other.

You are correct in your assumption that a cancer which was missed a year ago would have caused all the symptoms you mentioned.
The fact that none of these symptoms are present and the only symptom is a backache present for many years would rule out the possibility of a missed cancer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you, ***** ***** notice it at night mostly and when I have been sitting for a long time driving, so you really don't think I need to worry ?

Cancer pain is an acute one and not a chronic one present for years.
Cancer pain would be present at all times and would not have any relation with sitting or driving for long periods.
Pain present for years which worsens with driving is more likely to be due to lumbar spondylosis.

I am quite sure that you do not have anything to worry.You do not have any urinary signs or symptoms and you do not have any systemic signs or symptoms.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you, ***** ***** go on, I do still have microscopic blood in my urine which has been there for at least 2 years but my urologist is sure that its due to the menopause and says that the risk of it being cancer is less than 2% especially as the scan showed nothing ( I have had 2 scans both clear ) there levels of blood are v v small -

If two scans have been negative the chances of a cancer are extremely low.
Sill you should discuss having cystoscopy and cytology studies of urine ( I believe these may have already been done) with your urologist.

If these have been done and were found to be negative you should not have any reason to worry.
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