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Back pain issues I've had years mid back on and off Had

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Back pain issues I've had for 4 years mid back on and off
Had a MRI scan in Sept 2013 showed clear thoraric but slight Spondylitis in the cervical region of my neck
For the last six weeks I've been having back spasam and mid back ache only when I sit down though - when I'm walking it's OK
I've had ibrouproien gel - seen a chriopratic three times no use now just taking pain killers
My gp says it does not warrant an MRI and has refered me for physio
Could this be an underlying disease or condition I'm getting really fed up now with it

I amCustomerand I would be helping you today.

It is unlikely that any significant change would have occurred with respect to degenerative changes in dorsal spine over last two years.

Mild degenerative changes may have occurred and may be responsible for pain.Positive point is that mild changes usually get better with some physio, medication and rest without needing any significant intervention.

You should discuss adding cyclobenzaprine as a muscle relaxant with your doctor.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Can that drug stop the mid Back ache
Do u think I should be pushing for another MRI or not?
What are the side affects to this drug?
It's been six weeks now what other conditions are they that causes mid back ache when just sitting and relaxing?
Dear *****

This medicine is a muscle relaxant and will help decrease the pain.This can cause sedation.

A new MRI indicated only if pain persists for 3 months or longer.
Early degenerative changes are the most common cause of this condition.Other causes like infection etc... would cause severe pain which is usually constant, which increases at night and would cause significant reduction in flexibility of spine.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks one more question. Then I will rate fantastic service.
I get no pain when sleeping etc that's the only relief I get from it
It just when I'm sitting up right on a chair or a sofa etc it begins to ache and throbbing
What do you mean by degenerative
I did forget to mention I saw a chriopratic had three treatments but felt allot worse after, but the Chrio said I have curveture of the spine which curves from the thoraric downwards to the lumber
What exercise is best? I use to go swimming three times a week but my GP said refrain from swimming as that will make it worse??
So the only exercise I'm doing is walking 40 mins a day
Degenerative means wear and tear and ageing related.

Our thoracic spine has a natural curvature which can vary in different people.

Let your physio advise specific exercises for you as it is difficult to say what exercises would be comfortable for you without being able to examine you.

Basic rule is to avoid any exercise or activity which induces pain.If walking does not induce pain it is fine.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Can I ask I've been see a consultant yesterday she was not over concerned she asked if I wanted and Mri or not she said In her opinion she felt I did not need one
So I said yes il have one she wrote on the report routine scan then put
'Too exlclude sinister pathology' what does this mean - like a cancer?
Yes it does mean a pathology like cancer or a severe infection>i doubt any such thing would be picked on an MRI.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What do u mean by nothing will be picked up.
Just that the consultant offered me if I wanted the scan or not she said in her opinion I didn't need scanning - but when I said yes il have the scan she wrote on the form 'too excluded sinister pathology' is this the norm what they write
I was just shocked that she seamed that a scan wasn't important but when she gave me the option I said that, the. She wrote that
I said that based upon your history as your history does not suggest an underlying sinister cause.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ah OK please reply I will leave you a bonus
1) why do you think she offered wether I wanted the mri or not?
2) I assume if she thought it was serious she would have wanted me to be scanned
3) what are the main symptoms of back cancer?
It's been 10.weeks now still getting the spasams and back ache only when I sit, I'm OK when standing and asleep I get no ache just sitting
Do u still think it's muscular or a disk issue, I do keep getting the back spasams. I've tried everything like hot baths, infrared, tens machine - I haven't even been swimming for 10 weeks - physio just give me gentle stretches to do I wish it would just go
" I assume if she thought it was serious she would have wanted me to be scanned 3) what are the main symptoms of back cancer" Absolutely if she had suspected anything serious she would have told you to get a scan.I still feel that degenerative changes are responsible.These changes can involve discs.