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I have had a full blood count test as i am experiencing symptoms

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I have had a full blood count test as i am experiencing symptoms of anaemia (Tired, shortness of breath, light-headed, tinnitus (mild) and tingling sensation in hand)
I am in peri-menopausal stage and have had a period for 5 months, and so expected iron-deficiency anaemia; before blood test i took iron in liquid form for a week.
Confused by blood count readings: RBC 3.20 (3.80 - 5.29 general range) - so lower RBC count. All other readings were normal except the following:
MCV - 108.1 - raised
MCH - 36.9 - raised
RDW - 48.2 - raised
Ferritin Count was raised -
I appear anaemia but not because of low iron. What may these results mean?
This is Dr. David
high MCV levels can be a sign of low B12 or low folate levels so these need to be checked.
low B12 or low folate levels can cause fatigue and tingling sensations as nerves need B12 and folate to function.
ferritin can be elevated in patients who have chronic inflammation or chronic disease.
you need TIBC and serum iron and iron saturation levels checked
you need thyroid hormone levels checked and magnesium and vitamin D levels checked as well.
you need pulmonary function testing to check your lungs.
I hope you don't smoke
let me know if you have questions.
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