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I think my husband has morbid/delusional jealousy. I have gone

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I think my husband has morbid/delusional jealousy. I have gone to stay with my family and he has agreed he will see a doctor but his recent behaviour has left me scared and traumatised. I can see now that i ignored all the red flags during our 5 year relationship, we married 6 months ago and his jealous behaviour has gotten worse and at a great speed. He is albanian we lived together in the UK for nearly 3 years then for the last 2 years I have split my time 50/50 between albania and the UK until we could marry and get a visa for ireland - we were then return to the UK under EU freedom of movement rights. Its been very stressful for us both. I am meant to pick him up thus coming week and bring him back to the UK. I believe he will see a doctor here with me but im torn between not wanting to abandon my husband who is clearly not mentally well and not wanting to back in the awful situation - accusations escalated from me being too friendly to my reception job being a cover for my work as the hotel prostitute and my boss (female boss) arranging for me to be drugged and sold to male guests. I was oblivious to the extent if the stalking until about 6 weeks ago - pant checking/bugged my phone/recording devices/coming into and walking past my work repeatedly throughout the day. He says wants to fix it and he will take medication if needed, says he can see its just stuck in his head and he needs help. Can this be fixed?
This is Dr. David

his delusional jealousy can be treated and he will have to stick to his treatments and seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist reguarly

he will need to continue to take his medication as well.

this is almost like a schizophrenia and he will need anti-psychotic medication and will benefit from seeing a psychotherapist regularly as well.

I am sorry you are in this difficult situation.

I hope your husband can get to see a psychiatrist for evaluation and treatment.

do go with him to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

his symptoms can be improved with regular therapy

let me know if you have questions.
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