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I ve been having bad pain under my right rib, I had ultrasound

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I ve been having bad pain under my right rib, I had ultrasound for gallstones there was no gallstones found. Pain didnt stop I was prescribed Omeprazole they helped a bit.
This is going for two mouths so far pain spreded to left side.
And I'm having lots gas coming out but also chest pain for 3day.
Passing out my stool today was very painful all my belly hurted firts lot came solid but few bits were like someone cutted Tham into half than I went again and just soft stool came out.
I went to hospital two weeks ago as I had blood with stool bright red than it stopped they said it's probably trapped gas. And said they will send me for endoscopy than I went to see my doctor and he said he think I'm too young for that did blood test for bacteria and White and red cells. I'm really getting worried pain seem to be not stopping thank you

Hi. Did you have a stool culture for a possible infection done and did you have an H pyloric screen for a possible stomach infection?

And were you checked for pancreatitis with a serum amylase and lipase test?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Unfortunately not, first doctor was 99% sure it's gallstones..
Then I had blood test if liver and kidneys are ok. They were second test in hospital no infection. I keep calling surgery for emergency appointment as it gets really bad the pain. I had blood test for bacteria just this Wednesday gone. But it's getting worse. I'm not sure if it's point to go back to hospital they might send me back with trapped wind. 2days ago I woken up 3times felt like not enough oxygen than lots gas came up my stomach was making lots noices all day and night.
OK Kristina. I have several thoughts, but before we go on you need to understand that all I can do is tell you what I would do were I your doctor. I can't influence your doctors so you can discuss what I say with them but that doesn't guarantee they'll follow what I suggest. Will that work for you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I fully understand that, doctor said it's not serious I never been this bad. But stool shape worries ME the most. I hope to know more on Monday I just keep looking online probably silly to see what's going on with my body I never knew ididestion or hurtburn or stomach pain at all so it's new for me but it does worry me a lots unfortunlety I know worry will not help but I can't help it

I fully understand Kristina.

First off, this could still be a gall bladder problem even if you don't have stones. It's called a dysfunctional gall bladder--one that doesn't empty properly--and it takes a HIDA scan to look for that.

However, I have other concerns. You absolutely need the stool culture for infections and with blood in your stool you need a colonoscopy to look for a possible infection or perhaps inflammatory bowel disease like ulcerative colitis.

You may also have an H pylori infection in your stomach so you need screening for that.

Finally, although I don't think this is pancreatitis you need your serum amylase and lipase levels checked for that

Let me know if you need any more information here

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