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If i ejaculated on womens stomach and she then put some of

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if i ejaculated on womens stomach and she then put some of the sperm inside her vagina could she get pregnant?
Hello from JustAnswer.

It would be extremely difficult for a woman to get pregnant by this mechanism. The sperm need to land on cervical mucus. The sperm do not do well along the vaginal walls, because they do not do well in the pH of the vagina. So, even with penetration, any sperm that happen to land along the vaginal wall typically will die. It is the sperm that land on the cervix and can get into the cervical mucus that are able to swim upstream to seek the egg. If the woman were to place any ejaculate fluid into her vagina with her finger, she would need to understand how to get the sperm onto the cervix to even have a chance at pregnancy. And the simple truth is that this is very difficult and nearly impossible to do without special equipment or training.

If you were engaging in penetrative sex penile-vaginal sex and then withdrew to ejaculate onto the stomach, it is possible that she could get pregnant, even if she did not place any ejaculate fluid into the vagina. There may be a small amount of sperm in pre-ejaculate fluid, which is why withdrawal is not considered a highly effective form of birth control.

But if the stimulation to ejaculation occurred outside the vaginal, such as with manual or oral stimulation, the process of ejaculation onto the stomach and then placing some of the ejaculate fluid into the vagina with the fingers is extremely unlikely to yield a pregnancy.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
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