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Help! firstly, i am really anxious and nervous about all

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firstly, i am really anxious and nervous about all my symptoms. I dont even know where to begin. I guess, more so than anything else, i am looking for some reassurance (that its not the worst illness!!)
I have a number of symptoms
I will list them:
>> Back pain! -- in the center of my back, radiating up my shoulder and down in to my rib cage under my arm. worse when i breath in. This also extends in to my neck and head. As of this morning, it is now running down the back of my left left, in to my thigh muscle?
>> Lack of appetite, swollen stomach, Nausea -- this comes and goes, which is strange.. ill be able to eat normally-ish for a few days, then i wont be for a few days.
>> Fatigue, really tired all the time, getting a full nights sleep, yet still feeling really tired and fatigued.
>> Pale. Dark Circles under eyes. Slight Yellowing in corner of eyes (Jaundice - i dont actually know, maybe i am just imagining that??)
>> Pain / pressure under right rib-cage / feeling like i have a golfball under neath my ribcage
>> Back pain in my mid-to-lower back (left side mainly)- comes and goes.
>> IBS (Self-Diagnosed)
>> Feeling a pressure in my pelvis / left Buttox / left leg area - as if i have a swollen prostate (or in that general region)
>> Slightly-Paler Stools and darker Urine
>> Burning sensations, kinda everywhere really.. random hotspots on my body for no apparent reason
>> Frequent Urination's, that started about 2 months ago.
I had a few tests done so far as follows:
>> Full blood count, the first time, i had slightly elevated ALTs along with a drop in vitamin D. The second time, i had a slightly elevated potassium level. Low Lymosites (i think)
>> Ultrasound of the abdo - nothing showed up
>> Endoscopy - i have a hiatus hernia and slight GERD
>> I feel as if i am spaced out all the time, as if i am slightly drunk, lightheaded. that's the only way i can describe the feeling.. like an outer body experience.. all the time!
i am waiting to see a gastroenterologist in a few weeks
also, when i was getting the ED scope.. they noticed my blood pressure was up. they done a ECG and it reported "Abnormal T-waves" -- i have noticed that i have hearth palpatations and i feel my pulse racing all the time? should i be worried?
im really worried about all these mixes of symptoms, and i don't even know what the best way to approach this is.. should i go to the ED/ER?... i have good health insurance..
i need reassuring more than anything.. im so worried, im only 23 and have so much of my life ahead of me!! :(
Hi there.
Thank you for your question.
I will be helping you out with your queries.
Sorry to hear about your problem.
Can you please enumerate all the medications that you are on at the moment.
Have you received any diagnoses as yet?
Please let me know.
Dr. SH and 4 other Medical Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi, i really hope you can help reassure me.

Please enter your phone number in the private box.
I will give you a call to discuss your problem.
Kind regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


thank you for getting back to me. I am not in a good private setting to talk at this moment in time, though i will happily take you up on the offer in an hour or two.

in the meantime, can we talk on this?

I am only on GERD tablets, 40mg once a day, no other medications

No diagnoses offered yet.

Thank you for the additional information.
First of all, the most reassuring thing is that all your tests are normal which rules out anything serious.
I would like that you should be on vitamin D supplements along with calcium.
This may help some of the aches and pains that you are having.
Most of the symptoms that you are mentioning are due to excessive anxiety or stress that you are going through.
I would have started you on something like duloxetine that would have not only helped you with your anxiety but also with a lot of your other symptoms like your aches and pains and particularly your burning sensations.
I would also like that you should have a vitamin B12 level done to be sure it is normal, if you have not had that done already.
For your fatigue I would recommend that you should have a thyroid hormone level checked, if you have not had that done already.
If you have had your thyroid hormone levels checked, I would recommend that you should have your cortisol levels checked as well because low level of cortisol (which is the natural steroid in the body) can cause a lot of fatigue.
But all in all, your symptom do not seem to indicate anything serious.
Let me know if you have more questions.
Kind regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

thank you for your reply, and thank you for your re-assurance, it's really what i need the most.

What about the ECG re: abnormal T-Wave values? and the back pain on left hand side, that worsens when i breath in?

The T waves in your case are nothing to worry about.
Back pain that increases when you breathe in deeply is most likely a muscular pain and is almost never related to any disease.
Pain medications like nurofen will help with your pain.