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About 18 months ago my partners mother was diagnosed with dementia

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About 18 months ago my partners mother was diagnosed with dementia and was told by doctors and adult services she was not safe to live on her own. It was decided that we would sell our house and my partners mothers flat and we would live together in one house.
As time has gone on her moms dementia is a lot worse and the time will probable come when we are no longer able to cope with the 24/7 care she needs and we will have to consider residential care.
I have heard that as we sold her flat so she could live with us adult services may think we were trying to avoid paying for her care and make us sell our house to pay for her residential care. Can you tell me if this is true please and how to proceed with her care
many thanks
Nick May
No, this is not true Nick. Clearly you were trying to care for her. This can be easily defended. This is also very commonI'm very sorry you are going through this
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