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My partner has been in severe hip pain past seven years.

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my partner has been in severe hip pain for the past seven years. His GP initially told him it was due to being overweight. It continued and due to the pain he was referred to a pain clinic. At the clinic they were astonished at the pain had been left in. (He was coping with whiskey and co codamol) a following MRI showed that he needed a hip replacement. This was due to wear and tear having literally been a road digger and heavy plant operator for th majority of his life.
He is now in a vicious circle. Initially the GP did not follow the instructions of the pain clinic which suggested the prescribing of morphine. Starting at 10mg and gradually working up to 60mg per day. The GP would not do this and he had to speak to another doctor to be prescribed as instructed. However the pain is now so severe he is on the verge of having a breakdown. He often doubles up his meds and is unable to sleep. He is unable to prepare himself healthy food due to not being able to stand in one position for more than a minute and suffering severe fatigue. He cannot exercise. The horrific effect on his mental health and quality of life is scaring his loved ones. The doctor tells him he needs to drop below 20st for the surgery to take place. However he is not in a position to do this due to the above. He is existing in a circle of hell and he is slipping away from me.
He has explained this to his GP but they do nothing nor empathise and support. We are at our wits end!
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I understand the situation you have described
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What can be done to alleviate/ manage pain in order for the weight loss to be manageable and obtain the pre requisites for surgery.
From your description, it was recommended that he work directly with a pain management specialist. Why is he not doing that?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
He has never been referred to a pain management specialist. He went sent to the pain management clinic that covers post operative care. He does not know why.
So, if his GP is incapable of managing his pain, he has a professional obligation to refer him.
He should describe the current situation in writing, and his request for professional pain and weight loss management, and ask that a copy go to his chart, after being very explicit that he is willing to work at this, but needs a referral to a physician willing to manage his case.
This creates a written record of the request, and this usually will get action.
OK, so that is an initial answer….
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