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Dr. Chip
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There. I am a patient currently under investigation. I have

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Hi there. I am a patient currently under investigation. I have a past medical diagnosis of M.E/C.F.S & Fibromyalgia. In January this year I instantly fell from raising from my sofa, lost around 80-90% of feeling in my right whole leg. I felt numb and lost use of it. Eventually over the course of months the feeling has some-what returned but it still feels abnormal. I walk funny, I have jolting sensations in it and odd prickly/warm tingling in it and I get instant leg muscle fatigue when trying to walk. From seeing a locum neurologist his findings where as follows; Reduced power in leg 4/5 and in arm 4-5/5. Brisk ankle & knee jerks and plantars are down going bilaterally, decreased pin-prick sensation on the right side of the body up to T7. I am going to have a MRI head & spinal scan, they did suspect MS before but past MRI's were clear. This is the 1st time this has every happened and it is worrying and effecting my daily life. As far as I know, the Neurologist is only going to perform the MRI's and no further investigation which is worrying as something is clearly not right. I must add I have a MRI recently on the LOWER spine to rule out stenosis and it was clear, could you please provide you opinion?
Hi, Did you also have nerve conduction studies and EMG's of the leg? I take it a spinal tap wasn't considered?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No I haven't had an EMG, and I had a spinal tape done approx 3 years ago and it was normal. Im not sure what they tested for as it was regarding intracranial hypertension suspected from a separate issue.

OK--if this happened this past January why all the tests before that?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have previous fatigue, pain and some intermittent muscle weakness due to over exertion and due to severe migraines. Hence, the diagnosis of M.E/C.FS & Fibromyalgia. This however is very different, its instantaneous weakness and it is prolonged where as the " other" is due to overexertion i.e "grind down malaise"

OK. We can continue after this but for now I don't think MS or ALS has been ruled out in your case.

I'd repeat the brain and spinal MRI, do a spinal tap, get nerve conduction studies and EMG's and consider a muscle biopsy to fully rule out both of those.

I highly suspect ALS from what you've said but you need further testing

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