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I have managed after 6 months to get my GP to acknowledge I

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I have managed after 6 months to get my GP to acknowledge I may have Silent Sinus Syndrome. We are looking at a ENT/Oculoplasty Consultant/Specialist in the UK (I live in Wales) so that I can be urgently referred. I have had a CT and MRI scan and have all the symptoms, asymmetry of my right eye since February this year, my eye is clearly smaller than the other and has been drawn inwards, heavy blocked feeling in this side of my face, headache, post nasal drip, fatigue, coughing and tight chest and now intermittent double vision.
I have had a childhood trauma to my right nostril where aged 3 years I inserted a top of a eye drop bottle (little cone shape with hole in the top) into my nose so far in no one could see it for 3 years. I was not believed and I had terrible nose infections. The GP would not send me for a scan believing it was reoccurring colds. Eventually I picked my nose aged 6 years and revealed to rim of the plastic. I was taken to hospital where it was removed to everyone's amazed astonishment I had lived for 3 years with this thing up my nose. Apparently childhood nose trauma has been linked to SSS.
I have also had a history of sinusitis.
I have been signed off work today and cannot drive. This is a real problem as I live in a rural part of Wales, and my work and children depend on me to drive. I am desperate to find a specialist in SSS so I can give this information to my GP to refer me to. He says he will ask his practice manager to do this but I know it is a very busy GP practice and I am not sure they appreciate the importance of it having to be a consultant who has worked with this syndrome before as it is so rare and difficult to diagnose.
Many thanks

Dear customer,

Contact the below mentioned doctors. They have reviewed this syndrome and will help you.

Take care.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Tkank you for your information but I live in Wales so it would be more helpful to my GP if we had a specialist in Wales, UK or in the Midlands or North West England. If you can help further with a closer specialist that would be appreciated.

Dear customer,

I was able to find another doctor who has knowledge regarding this syndrome.

Ravi M. Naik, MBBS, ENT Department, Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead,
London, NW3 2QG

Take care.
Salman Waqar, Luna Dhir, Fiona Irvine
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, Devon, U.K.
Correspondence to Salman Waqar, MRCS(Ed):