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I just wanted help with my dates. I had unprotected intercourse

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I just wanted help with my dates. I had unprotected intercourse with one guy on the 21st and 23rd March 2015 and a different guy on the 24th. After the guy in the 24th I took an emergency contraception pill the next day. I am now pregnant due on the 21st January 2016 and wanted to see if there was anyway trying to find out the slightest idea of who it could be
Hello from JustAnswer.

With a due date of 21st January 2016, that would indicate an ovulation date in late April, so none of these dates in March would be condidates.

Do you remember the dates of any sexual encounters in late April?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes its the same person from the 21st and 23rd. I had intercourse on the 5th April

Even sex on 5th April would not be in agreement with this due date.

Were there any dates of intercourse around 28th - 30th April?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes April 30th
If there was only the one encounter in late April and that was on 30th April, then this would be the father. The encounters in March and 5th April would not yield a pregnancy with a due date of 21st January 2016. But if the only encounter in late April was on the 30th, then this partner would be the father.
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