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What is a normal amount of urine to pass. I get up 4 or 5 times

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What is a normal amount of urine to pass. I get up 4 or 5 times each night to wee. When I do go it last for about half a minute but if I sit there I can go again within seconds. Is this normal.
Hi there,
Welcome to Jusanswer, I will be pleased to help you.
It is necessary to measure the urine amount. It is most definitely not normal to habe the urge to pass urine all night.
Please measure the fluid intake (everything: coffee, water) an the urine volume during a 24- hours- period and please tell me the results. Then I can tell you more.
Thank you very much!
Good morning,
Did you have the chance to measure the amount of urine you passed?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have had a go at measuring my fluid intake and urine passed. the measures are in ml.

fluid intake - 1300ml

urine - 1375ml

Thank you very much. This is a normal result; you take in some more water with your food and loose a bit more by perspiration. Fluid intake and urine amount shuld not differ more than 200 ml; this is the fact in your case. Since you do not lose more than normal or expected, you might have a problem with your veins or heart. The fluid might be collected in your legs in (invisible) edema. When you lift up your legs while sleeping, the fluid can float back and be filtered by your kidneys. It will be helpful to avoid standing too much and to elevate your legs while sitting. Please have your veins tested and your heart (heart failure patients have the same problem). I wish you all the best!

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