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Please can you give me a little bit of advice regarding

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Please can you give me a little bit of advice regarding a wrist fracture. I slipped down 2 steps back in January. My bum took the impact but l slightly knocked my wrist. Due to it being painful still from when l injured it back in June 2013 [ l was diagnosed with a sprained wrist and possible tendon damage to my thumb]. I thought l better get it checked out again. Went to A/E back in January x rays showed l had a scaphoid fracture and a disal radius fracture. I had appointment next day at fracture clinic then l was put in plaster. After a few appointments at fracture clinic. I was told l should not be in the pain l said l was in as my radius fracture had healed but l still had a slight fracture of the scaphoid. Doctor said l was suffering from rsds. I had to have physio for six weeks. Physio kept saying l should not be in pain now and l was at the early stage of rsds and it was all in my head. Went back to fracture clinic still in pain and my wrist feels like lve got a red hot poker in there. Doctor tryed putting me back in plaster. I refused this time as it had been 3 months since they spotted l had fractures. Doctor sent me for mri scan. I went to my gp to find out my results. GP said l have a radius fracture not affecting the joint and a tear in a tendon and a lot of swelling. The scaphoid has healed. I dont go back to the hospital till August. Why is this fracture still not healed. Could l have had this tendon injury before? I have been off work since January. Please can you tell me what treatment l may need for this to heal and if it is possible to still have rsds. I feel like lm going round in circles. Any advice would help. Zoe
This is Dr. David

your doctors should not be telling you that you don't have pain

it is your fracture and your wrist. you know if you have pain or not. what they should be asking is what is your pain score from 0-10.

different people heal at different rates.

the older you are, the slower your healing can be.

you most likely worsened your tendon damage with the fall in January.

you have to continue to rest the wrist and not use the arm to allow it to heal.

and you have to increase your protein and vitamin C intake to help your body put now new scar tissue to help with healing of the tendon.

you also need more calcium and vitamin D in your diet to help your bones heal.

how old are you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


I am 33 years old. I was taken out of plaster on 5 march and was told l had to start physi and l wasent allowed any protection on wrist due to me suffering rsds. The pain level is 9 it realy is painful. L feel like lm going mad some times.

the tear in the tendon is most likely what is causing all of the swelling and pain

you should ask the orthopedic doctor if surgery is needed to repair that tear in the tendon

you should be icing your wrist daily and elevating your wrist above your heart to help decrease the swellign in the wrist.

excessive swelling can put pressure on the bones and nerves of the wrist and cause severe pain and sometimes even compartment syndrome where the swelling is so severe, it can injure nerves
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


I go back to the hospital on 13 August to see my orthopedic doctor. I ave to go and see my gp this week to get more pain tablets as the hospital has not given me anything for the pain since January. I am worried with the amount of time its taken to find out l still have a fracture. Hopefully l will get the right treatment this time

Please can l ask what is compartment syndrome. Thank you for talking to me and given me the advice. Zoe Ps How long can it take a tendon to heal

compartment syndrome is when a certain compartment of your arm or wrist has increased presure from injury causing swelling and the swelling can cause so much pressure than the pressure from the swelling can cause severe pain and nerve injury and decrease blood flow to the area.

it can take months to years for tendons to heal up.

sometimes surgery is needed to help tendons heal.

the MRI scan should have been done earlier I think

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