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My blood calcium is now 3.1. Should the hospital be doing anything

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My blood calcium is now 3.1. Should the hospital be doing anything about this? What is the upper limit in the UK before a infusion?
I am due an op to remove the growth to my parathyroid in the autumn but don't have a date yet.I feel so unwell and so very tired.
Any advice?
This is Dr. David

The normal calcium range is around 2.1 - 2.60 mmol/L

most likely your parathyroid growth is making too much parathyroid hormone which is increasing your calcium level.

that is too bad you don't have a surgery date yet.

increasing your salt intake and fluid intake and use of prescription diuretics like lasix can help bring down your calcium levels.

zoledronate and risedronate bisphosphonates can help decrease your calcium level

3.1 calcium is high but not dangerously high

you should talk to your doctor about these options to bring your calcium levels down

and see when you can get scheduled for parathyroid surgery.

you should get an updated parathyroid hormone level checked as well.

let me know if you have questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I did get the PTH checked as well. I have blood tests every wk at the moment. The consultant said if it stayed at 3 she would ok an infusion, had letter this morning telling me my bloods now have to be 3.2 and I cant have an infusion as it will interfere with the op - which I don't have a date for yet. I am a 54 yr old female , and put the symptoms down to the menopause for ages . It was Dec 2013 when I had the NM scan which showed the growth. Sorry to moan but I feel so let down by the NHS. I had day surgery for a hernia op summer of 2013 and was kept in for 5 days as they couldn't get my heart rate down.

If your Mum was going though this what would you advise her to do? I really don't want to make a complaint but I am feeling so dam rough at the moment . I work - come home - sleep - get up cook a meal - eat - sleep.

Then do it all the next day. I really can't go on like this. Any idea why she has moved the goal posts?

NHS can be slow and delay your therapy.

you can get IV saline infusion to help

the other therapy I mentioned can also help decrase your calcium levels.

in the USA, you can get parathyroid surgery faster.

you might have to go do a private endocrine surgeon for faster surgery.

infusions will not interfere with the operation.

they are trying to save cost of treatment
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Dear Dr David

Thank you. I will see my GP tomorrow and see if he can pull any strings. The letter I received this morning is just a mess of advice .

One last question before I leave you in peace .

My Vit D levels were low, so now I am taking 4,800 (what ever's) on the advice of the consultant. i thought your body slowed down the production of vit D to protect your body, so you didn't absorb so much calcium. Should i be taking the vit D or can I stop it ( with GP's advise of course?)

I would not take any vitamin D right now

vitamin D causes increase of your calcium level

I would talk to your GP about stopping vitamin D for now, until you get your parathyroid surgery.

let me know if you have other questions.

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