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My right eye is always watery I go through so many tissues,

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My right eye is always watery I go through so many tissues, I feel it's like a tap , drip drip...... I have gone to specialists, and they give me drops for dry eyes , I water more , why do they say dry eyes when I'm trying to stop them from watering...... Very annoying and confusing . Can you give me any light on this .
Thank you ,
Anne Neasy
Hello from JustAnswer.

Dry eyes can occur for several reasons.

There certainly are certain inflammatory conditions that decrease the formation of tears causing the dry eyes, but there would typically not be watery eyes.

There also are a variety of conditions of the eye that will alter the flow of tears to moisten the eye and then drain into the nose. If the tears do not follow the normal flow pattern, then the individuals will notice both an increased amount of tears running down the face and watery eyes, along with dryness of the surface of the eyes that the tears should be keeping moist. Most of the time, the flow of tears into the nose is not noticeable, but if the tears instead run down the face, they would be noticeable.

Since you are noticing watery eyes and the doctor is noting dry eyes, it would appear that you are having this second type of problem.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry but I got no solution for watery eyes , I have described my condition and you just repeated it .
Not satisfied so I would like to cancel my 34€ and discontinue our discussion. Thank you *****
You asked me to shed light on it, and that is what I addressed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok Dr Love maybe I worded it wrong , I should have said remedy or solution to the watering problem .
So let's leave it at that ....thank you A Neasy
Without performing an exam, it would be difficult to know whether there is another option for treatment. For example, one of the common possible causes would be altered anatomy and loosening of the lids and surgery to tighten the lids can help with the flow of tears and ease the watering of the eyes. However, it would be impossible to know whether this is the specific underlying cause without performing an exam.
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