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I was sexually assaulted two and a half years ago. within

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Hi i was sexually assaulted two and a half years ago. within a year i was tested for a number of stds none of which were posiitve. At the time i was not tested for herpes at the time as the doctor did not believe i had any of the symtoms. On about 5 of the occassions since the assault i have accute pain in the bladder area and this time the pain traveled to my kidneys. I have attended a&E twice, and recently they did a CT scan of renal area and organs from lower lung down. This thankfully was negative. I also have had an investigation of ovaries and womb by my gyny this has also been fine.
The Std clinc has assured me that i tested negative for the following: hiv, clamidia, hep b and c, psyhilis, goneria. However they did not test for anything else at the time eventhough i did say that i knew my attacker had been to asian countries, i insisted that i wanted to be tested for everything as i had never had such symptoms before and previously was very healthy. I know that i have been very stressed however i want to be sure that my symptoms are not just that of stress. As i said every now and then i will get what seems like inflammation around the bladder and this time it seemed to spread to my kidney, i was also convinced that there were tiny black particles almost like pinworm in my urine. I may need to attend a urologist however i firstly need to rule out the possibility of picking up an infection or virus from the attack. The attacker i remember had a cold sore or what looked to be one, i have not ever had a cold sore in my life, however i do now get a tingle around the lip area. Please give me a list of other stds or sti i can test for i would rather a blood test
Hello from JustAnswer.

The only other STDs for which you could be tested is for HSV and trichomonas. There is a blood test for both types of HSV, although the blood test cannot say whether the HSV is causing an oral or genital infection, although it is usually the HSV2 that causes genital herpes.

The test for trichomonas is a microscopic examination of vaginal fluid, most often of a vaginal discharge.

There is a limited test that can be done for HPV, but it is really only a test for involvement of the cervix, and is not an overall test of whether someone has contracted HPV.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

can my gp conduct the HSV test, or is it better to go to the std clinic.

How does one do an overall test of whether one has contracted HPV.

Any doctor can perform the blood test for HSV. There is no overall test for HPV. There is only the limited test noted above.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Can you clarify is the blood test for HSV a test for herpes or is this a different test. While there is no test for HPV i am aware there is a HPV vaccine is it worth getting the vaccine incase the virus is in my system, i do not feel good about such a virus in my system, what can i do to take care of my health in this situation.

Herpes is HSV if not further specified, so the test can be called either an HSV test or a herpes test.

The HPV vaccine will not do anything for any HPV virus to which you have already been exposed. Once the vaccine regimen is completed, then it will hel to protect against future exposures. The HPV vaccine is not recommended for woman over 26 years of age.
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