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My mother had a bad chest infection and diorrehea.When the

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My mother had a bad chest infection and diorrehea.When the doctor came she was fast asleep.He did not wake her but he examined her. He said she had slight cracking on her shoulders but nothing to worry about.He gave me antibiotics and dirorrehea tablets.The time of the doctors visit was 1205am .The same day at 5pm my mother got very poorly and she was admitted to hospital who diagnosed her with severe pneumonia and unlikely to survive the night.I need to know if doctor was negligent in failing to wake her to diagnose her and given she also had copd .and was on oxygen should he had been More thorough with the examination
This is Dr. David

the doctor should have woke her up to do a complete physical exam.

after antibiotic therapy, if a patient has diarrhea, the stool needs to be checked for C diff infection of clostridium difficile infection.

I am sorry she has severe pneumonia now. I hope she pulls through.

it sounds like her COPD is quite severe

did she have a long history of smoking?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for replying.I am acrid she passed away 5 days later.The pneumonia infection went to her brain and she started having focal seizures .Eventually she had a major stroke.I am devastated.Please could you tell me in your experience given her history of copd she never smoked and her symptoms what percentage of doctors would not have woken her up to do a full diagnosis.I have been told if it is 10 percent or less then the Doctor could have been negilent;if more than 10 per cent of doctors would not have waken her then I cannot claim he was negilent even If I think he was negilent.Thank you for your help in this matter ***** *****
I'm afraid only less than 5% of doctors would have woken her up to do a physical exam if she was sleeping.

I think most doctors would not have woken her up to do an exam if she was sleeping.

most doctors do not like to wake up patients while they sleep

let me know if you have questions.

have you consulted with a solicitor about these issues?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have consulted a solicitor and gave me the 10 percent rule.Even so should the doctor been able to diagnose her pneumonia at that stage given how severe it was 17 hours later .Thanks he really said it was slight cracking pointing to his shoulders And he told me not to give her any antibiotics until the morning .Thanks ***** *****
pneumonia is fluid in the lungs

one common way for fluid to get into the lungs is with aspiration of fluid in the throat from eating or saliva dripping into the lungs of patients who are too weak to cough it up

if there is crackling in the shoulders or lots of mucous in the mouth or throat, these are common set ups for fluid aspirating into the lungs and causing pneumonia in patients who are too weak to cough up the fluid.

it sounds like the doctor should have been able to know if she was at high risk for fluid going into the lungs and causing pneumonia and possibly putting her on antibiotics to try to prevent this.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
So overall on the imformation I given you,especially as 17 hours later she was in serious trouble with pnemonia do you think the doctor should have examined more and sent her to hospital.Given the dire consequences of pneumonia can have I do not understand the reluctance of waking a patient up to fully diagnose them as the risk to them of being woken up is completely neglible and as in my mother's case not being woke up probably cost her her life.If you can,please explain thanks.***** *****
yes, the doctor should have woken up the patient to examine her and send her to the hospital

95% of the time, when a doctor wakes up a patient, the physical exam is normal and the patient doesn't need to go to the hospital

but 5 % of the time, there can be a serious issue.

so that is why most doctors do not wake patients up

but in her situation, she should have been woken up and had her lungs listened to

and she should have been sent to the hospital

let me know if you have other questions.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry one last time given her situation would 95 per cent of doctors woke her up to give her a full examination and approximately how bad would her lungs had been 17/18 hours before the hospital said they were at 200 whatever that means and that she I highly likely to die from pneumonia;surely they must have been bad and I know her skin tone appeared very grey.Thank you ***** *****
I am not sure what 200 means.

there is no way to tell how bad her lungs would have been 17-18 hours prior to her hospitalization.

I'm sure she was having rhonchi noises from her lungs or that her lungs where sounding poor if she had crackling in her upper airways. this sounds like she most likely had fluid in her lungs that night

I wish her pneumonia was caught earlier.
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