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What does it mean when a person is continuously touching another

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what does it mean when a person is continuously touching another person in conversation
Greetings.Welcome to the site.Well, you see there can be a lot of reasons as to why the person is touching another person continuously during the conversation such as, this can be the person's personality trait where unknowingly and unintentionally, he/ she uses such sort of gesturing to propel the conversation , so to rule this out you need to observe her conversation/s with others and if he / she is seen doing the same with others then there is nothing to read in between the lines and you should leave it as a routine gesturing trait of the person.However, if the person uses too much touching only with you and not with anybody else, then this can in a way indicate towards the person's intention of sending you feelers or hints where the person wants to share intimate moments with you and take the conversation to a different level, on a more personal level that is but out of coyness is restraining himself/ herself in directly approaching you for the same.So i will suggest that before you draw any sort of conclusion on this just take some time and observe the person's behavior while he/ she talks with significant others who are as good a friend of him/ her as you are so that you can have an idea about where your equation with this person is heading to. If you find that your conversation with this person involves more touching than the rest , this should help you to plan your next move, that will be either to talk to the person directly and ask not to do that if you feel offended or else if you too like to pursue the relationship further, you can answer back by using more intimate gestures yourself so as to reciprocate with a yes.I hope this helps.Wish you all the best.Please kindly leave a POSITIVE RATING if you are satisfied with the answer.Regards
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