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I am male 48 yrs old. In my 40's I developed dust

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Hello I am male 48 yrs old.
In my 40's I developed dust allergy and asthma, for which I have inhalers.
At New years 2015 I was ill with flu symptoms.
After not feeling well for a number of months in April I was informed that I probably had a pneumonia and from x-rays and a MRI scan, I had a collapsed lung on my right hand side. I have been told its not cancer or HIV etc. I have had 3 courses of short term antibiotics and 1 course of steroids.
I had a follow up x ray yesterday where I was informed I still have a partial collapsed lung. I have never smoked and have always been fit playing regular sport. I have not been able to anything active this year. As a result of the recent x ray they have said they may wait another 3 months to see if the lung recovers. My questions are:
- does it normally take this long to recover from pneumonia/lung collapse?
- Is there any side effects to having a lung collapsed for so long?.
- With a collapsed lung am I able to fly?
- does the above sound correct?
Hi. By collapsed lung to you mean a pneumothorax--air from a hole in the lung escaped into the chest cavity?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No -one has used the above term of a pneumothorax. It has just been described as a collapsed lung which shows up on an x ray. I believe its the air that shows up on an x ray?
OK. Most likely this is residual fluid in the lung from the pneumonia and that can take several months to clear even after the infectious part of the pneumonia has been successfully treated with antibiotics
It can take up to six months to physically fully recover from a severe pneumonia
No problem with flying for now.
Within the next few months the lung fluid should fully clear and there's no residual lung damage.
Let me know if you need any more information please
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