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Dr. Gehring
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My sister has a sebaceous cyst behind her ear, which has been

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My sister has a sebaceous cyst behind her ear, which has been removed several times through surgery, but it keeps returning. Each time it returns, she has to take anti-biotics again and again. She is now getting down about it, and I am concerned she is not seeing the right specialist. She was referred to a plastic surgeon to perform the removal. Is there any other specialists who can help with root of issue, as cutting it out is not solving the issue, even after multiple tries. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there,
I am Dr. Hoellering and pleased to help you.
It seems as if the former surgeon did not remove the cyst in total; that ist the most possible reason for the return. When cells are left over, they build new cysts which inflammate and need antibiotic treatment.
Cutting PROPERLY and thoroughly will solve the issue. I like maxillo facial surgeons or ent- doctors, who mostly know more about these cysts than plastic surgeons do.
Unluckily ointments or pills would not solve the problem.
Best wishes!
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