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I was talking to a friend and i accidentaly touch the

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I was talking to a friend and i accidentaly touch the straw she was using to drink. I am not sure if my skin was broken or not but i didn't notice anything strange on my hand,but as i said i am not sure 100%... Afterwards i saw her biting the straw And maybe putting the hole of the straw between her teeth...if she done it before i touched the straw?if there was blood on it? Do you thing i am worrying too much? I dont know if it could be a way to spread hiv hcv ir hbv...please help me!
Hi. Even if there were blood on the straw, which I highly doubt, you can't get HIV or hep B or C this way so yes you are overworrying yourself about this
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your promot reply dr., even if i scratched it a bit?but as i said i don t remember if there was broken skin or not
Not even if you scratched it a bit--you shouldn't have any worries about this.
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