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My son aged 3.5 years got a bad pain 2 months ago. He had blood

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My son aged 3.5 years got a bad pain 2 months ago. He had blood in his urine and pain in his testicle (though I thought it more in his groin). He was sent to ED in case it was a twisted testicle but by the time we arrived there the pain was gone & urine clear. Bloods were taken and they were clear. Since then he has had very cloudy urine and sometimes its the colour of honey. Up to last week he has had traces blood in 4 samples in total. No infection at any stage. Last week I took a particularly cloudy sample to the doctor who was shocked at the amount of sediment. He sent my child for a renal u/s which he had 2 days ago. The radiologist told me that kidneys and bladder looked fine but would be reporting on it later. I mentioned the sediment and he told me he could see it in the bladder. He said normally due to infection. I told him several samples were clear of infection to which he suggested a urologist. Yesterday I got the results of the sample sent to lab earlier this week. It says ACR not calculated due to low microalbumin (100mg/mmol. Nephrotic Syndrome range :.300mg/ml.
He was diagnosed GORD 12mths ago as a result of an ENT examination with nasal scope and prescribed Losec Mups 10mg. He did very well for 6 mths but gradually worsened. He has breathing difficulties and gets low sats and high resps. This is now fully acknowledged by doctors and I have videoed on my phone a few times and each time its taken seriously but not progressed beyond prescribing ventolin. The ventolin makes little difference as issue resolves itself as quickly without the ventolin as with the ventolin. He has a constant sore throat and had an ENT review a month ago. The ENT said his throat was as inflamed as it was 12 mths earlier. He referred him to a paed who requested a barium swallow. Speech & language said he was classic GORD. That his swallow was ok so not a risk for aspirating food but a risk for aspirating stomach acid. He had 2 separate chest xrays 12 & 18 mths ago which showed peribronchial inflammation. The paed has ordered ODG & 24 hr sats & resps monitor as an outpatient. He runs low grade temps for no reason. My son is particularly unwell I feel. He seems to have constant discomfort, his breathing and sats erratic and over the past 2/3 weeks becoming hyper several times a day. He is thin - on 18th centile (he has been as low as 9th) while his twin is on 48th. They were both on 25th centile in May 2013 but he began to have symptoms June 2013. All this and I'm told he is fine.
This is Dr. David

I think you meands GERDs or gastro esophageal reflux disease.

Losec Mups 10mg contains omeprazole which is an acid blocker.

it sounds like he has some testing coming up including the upper endoscopy scope test or ODG and 24 hour respiratory and saturation monitroing which should show if he has esophgaeal and stomach problems or breathing problems

sometimes children breathing can be irregular

I know you are monitoring his weight and height carefully

is he playing usually and active and curious or lethargic with no energy.

this can tell a lot about children if they are well or not

if they are playing and active and curious it can mean they are feeling well and healthy.

if they are lethargic with no energy, this can be a sign of illness or pain.

let me know if you have questions.
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