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I am a 35 year old woman....I have 5 kids.....when I was

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Hi I am a 35 year old woman....I have 5 kids.....when I was 17 I used to suffer from very sore backs resulting in me not being able to dress myself. At the age of 21 I got pregnant with my first child this is when I got sciatica down my right leg. I went and got acupuncture but because I was pregnant he didn't use needles but instead over a few appointments massage the back and my leg. I have to say this helped a lot as I have never complained of a sore back for ten wasn't until I had my third child nine years ago that I felt a numbness on the right side of my private area, it then gradually was going into my buttocks and down my right leg to my feet and toes....I don't have pain but a numbness where someone could nip me and I wouldn't feel's like shooting pains of pins and needles flowing up and down the leg....I just want someone to rub at it all the time....a couple of weeks ago I got awhile shooting pain which I hadn't felt in 13 years down my right leg for a couple of days that I had to hold on to something while walking....that pain is now gone again but numbness is getting really annoying it's constantly there....everyone says that I would need to get it checked. I sometimes have a numbness in the right shoulder blade also the same side as my right lower back and leg.....this has been happening in a total of over 15 years now.....any advice please
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.
You probably have a nerve that is being impinged upon and has so for years.
At first it was pain then it changed over to numbness as the nerve was affected for more time
I think you need an MRI of the spine. That is critical in determining what nerve is affected.
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