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My daughter is 36 and has been flying home from the States

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My daughter is 36 and has been flying home from the States last week (10 half hour flight)and has been swimming twice since getting home in the local pool. Last night she had dizziness and vertigo and the rooms swims when she lies on her back. She has had a lot of ear problems as a child with glue ear so she has a weakness. What could be causing this. Could it be swimmers ear. She went in the local pool with just some wax ear plugs and I think some dirty water might be the problem. Do you think it is Labyrinthitis?. I have phoned the local surgery and we are waiting for a call. Could this be a virus? and more serious or do you think it could be the pool and a sign of Otitis Exerna. I also suggested she put in some swim seal lotion which seals the ear when she swims. I have a LOT of problems with swimmer's ear and have to have Ear Plugs and tight cap and swim seal or I get real problems. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Could swimmers ear cause dizziness and vertigo. Thanks Clare Stein.
This is Dr. David

since she has been swimming, the most likely cause is she has some fluid trapped in her ear canal and this has gotten infected and is causing swimmers ear and her symptoms of dizziness and vertigo

she needs to see a doctor and get her ears examined to check for infection.

most likely she has swimmers ear which is otitis extera or infection of the external ear canal

usually antibiotic ear drops into the ear several times a day for 1-2 weeks kills the infection and helps the symptoms of dizziness

sounds like you have had otitis externa before.

let me know if you have questions.
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